Hi! We are Luke and Eileen,

Jumpstart your summer with 90-minutes of movement activities. Expect to jump, crawl, climb, balance, throw, catch, run, and more. A healthy mix of educational, game based classes that challenge your body and coordination for athletic and nonathletic kids alike. At camp, participants will learn the fundamentals of moving the human body in a safe and structured environment, gaining confidence along the way. In the group setting, they will have the opportunity to find skills on the individual level as well as cooperation and teamwork with others.

Our MovNat curriculum focuses on adapting to the environment while building a mindful awareness of your body's actions. 

The camp will be taught by CoMotion's own coaches, Luke and Eileen. Both are MovNat certified, have experience and enjoy working with kids and teenagers. 

To ensure optimal safety, all movements will be taught in progressions and participants will only move on from those when ready. We want this to be a fun opportunity to enjoy movement, steering away from traditional sports methods and more towards freedom of expression through movement, creating life long ability. 

Camp CoMotion
MovNat for Kids & Teens

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3-week course
Tuesdays & Thursdays
August 13 - August 30
$89 + $69 sibling discount

Ages 9-12 | 1-2:30
AGES 6-8 | 2:30-4

126 E Mineral St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Call or Text 414-755-9956

  • Build Confidence
  • Learn practical physical skills
  • Experience teamwork and cooperation building activities
  • Improved coordination and athleticism
  • Fun opportunity to learn how to move one's body
  • Have respect for both the coaches and rules of the gym