How does our gym work?

We start out all new members with a consultation so we can go over your goals and design a program that will be right for you. We know it’s intimidating starting something new! That’s why we’ll take the steps to meet you on the first visit and take you through the ropes.

You can set up you first appointment by clicking HERE and filling this form out!

Our gym membership includes all scheduled group classes, nutrition work and accountability. Members may also come in and use the gym during scheduled open gym times to workout or practice on their own. Our coaches also offer private personal training for both members and nonmembers. You can read more about that here.

why do our members get such great results?

We make it sustainable

Our coaches are well-versed on form and keeping our members safe. Our program scientifically backed to keep our members stronger in a way that is well-balanced and keep them moving injury free and better as time goes on.

We make it inclusive

This is a one stop shop. Nutrition work, workouts, and accountability are included in all of our programs. We take all of the think work out for you and set you up for success. You just need to commit to the program and do the work!

It’s fun

We are a laid back, interactive bunch here. We like to have fun and joke around. If you stick around long enough, you’ll make some life-long friends that will help you grow to become better people.

will OUr style of training improve the way you look?

Yes, you will get in the best shape of your life.  It seems ironic, but when you stop focusing how you look and focus on improving your movement and working on a skill, you start looking better even quicker! 

will our style of training help with flexibility?

Feeling tight? Our practice is unique in the way that it builds strength and conditioning, while increasing flexibility and mobility!  This is important because it helps increase physical performance and prevent injury. 

do we take all experienced levels?

You don't need to be an advanced athlete to train with us.  You just need to be someone who wants to start. We start with basic movements that just about everyone can do, and then progress members to more advanced skills.

WHat do we train our members for?

We train our members for physical competence.  This includes developing movement skills, physical conditioning and mental focus.  

What Does a typical class look like?

We start all of our classes with a strategic warm-up that is often interactive and game-like. In our strength and skill class we will break down a couple of skills to work on for the day. There will always be an easier and harder movement for you to do depending on your experience level. As you get better our coach will help guide you to the next progression.

Will you make new friends? 

Unlike other gyms, we encourage interaction with each other throughout the workout. We all help motivate and encourage each other here. Even though we work hard, we are also very laid back, like to joke and have fun here. The atmosphere here is pretty amazing.

What kind of movement progressions are we working on in classes right now?

  • Balancing

  • Deadlifting

  • Dips

  • Pull-ups

  • Floor Presses

  • Cleans

  • Running

  • Vaulting

  • Handstands

  • Hanging

  • Jumping

  • Squatting

  • Crawling