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What Are The Classes Like?

Simply put they are fun. We often hear 'working out, without it feeling like a workout.'

Warmup: First, we focus on a warmup that helps prep the body for whatever skills will be taught that day. 

Skills: After the warmup, we use a comprehensive approach to teach core work and movement based skills. Skills include those which are manipulative: lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.  And skills that are locomotive: climbing, crawling, jumping, balancing, running and walking.

Conditioning: Next, we add conditioning which involves the individual to perform skills learned in class at a higher level of performance.  This may include strength, power, flexibility, cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance, coordination, timing, balancing, agility, speed and recovery. 

Cool Down: Lastly, we end the class with a cool down.  This will help bring the body back down to help with recovery and improve flexibility. 

The class progressions lead to a greater skilled and conditioning level, which means more physical competence. Each class will have a specific focus and message of the day.  We want our members to take this information beyond class and be more mindful when they move in their every day lives! 

About MovNat

Our classes follow a MovNat based curriculum and fundamentally about movement.

We practice a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities. We are unique in that our movements ARE our strengthening and conditioning. The practice is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence for any area of life.  

Yes, you will look better.  Your butt will firm up, and having a 6-pack will be besides your favorite Lakefront Brew that sits in the fridge. However, we take it a step beyond that...


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