8 Week Transformation Challenge

Starts January 15, 2019

126 E Mineral St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Call or Text Nate: 608-445-9122

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  • You do not need to come with any experience in the gym. Our program is designed for all abilities and we love beginners!



  • Fully commit to the entire length of the program. There will be difficult workouts and challenges. We want participants who will see it through to the end!


  • Allow us to take your before and after photos


  • Be disciplined enough to apply our nutrition plan. The program does not work without your consistency and efforts. You WILL see results as long as you follow the plan


  • Understand that all transformations are welcome. This challenge won’t be solely about losing weight, and everyone may come with a different goal in mind. That’s what makes the class unique!


  • Have respect for both the coaches and rules of the gym.

We generally charge $618 for our 8 week transformation challenge, but for those who sign up this week we will give a special 1 time offer of only $299!  We are giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes to challenge winners, along with everything needed to be set up for success!  If you're ready to invest in your health and improve your quality of life, apply below!

CoMotion Member Results:

CoMotion Fitness Coaches - Eileen, Luke, Axel, Kellen, and Nate

CoMotion Fitness Coaches - Eileen, Luke, Axel, Kellen, and Nate


The MovNat Challenge was created to make Practical Training, and its community, accessible to a larger population. We have personally experienced the life-changing power of our Practical Training System and diet program and wanted to find a way for others to connect as well. We know it can be scary or intimidating to come in to the gym on your own, which is why the group process is so powerful! Everyone will benefit from the workouts if they just commit and engage, and now they can do that in a safe and friendly setting.

What we want is to find individuals who are ready to jump in, work hard, and embrace the program with an open mind and attitude. Our Practical Training systemf CAN transform your life, and we are looking for individuals who will represent the program by putting their best foot forward. If this sounds exciting and something you want to try, fill out an application ASAP. Our spots fill up quickly! We can’t wait to meet you.