Physical Therapy

Dan has been a practicing physical therapist since 2012, graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a clinical doctorate. He has since received an orthopedic specialty certification following a year long residency, as well as studying various methods to continue his understanding of how humans move and how interconnected our body truly is.  

Perhaps most influential has been his training in Anatomy in Motion, mapping out the gait cycle into snapshots of what is happening to the whole body as we walk. What makes the gait cycle so unique is that each joint in our body goes through every available joint motion that our structure allows during one stride...forward, backward, and side bends along with every joint! Knowing these motions and when they need to happen, allows us to start to piece together how a limitation in one area of the body can relate to another area very near or far, far away.  

This type of problem solving process is the focus of each session so that each client gets a better picture as to what's happening and what they can do to start moving in an improved direction. Each session will start with postural and movement assessments to identify where your structures (bones) are and what you have a hard time doing. The goal is to bring to light a limitation within the body, put that into context with each client's movement needs, and introduce a more efficient strategy to your brain and body. You will be given movement as homework.  

Dan has studied several manual therapy techniques that are utilized within a session to help facilitate changes in movement and also has a certification in Integrative Dry Needling.  

Dry Needling uses thin solid filament needles to activate the healing process of soft tissues (skin, muscles, fascia, tendon and ligament, etc), resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology. Dry needling is mainly used to treat what's known as "myofascial pain", involving: 

  • distorted amplifying of signals within the central and peripheral nervous systems, 

  • local soft tissue irritation, which includes a number of microscopic abnormalities and metabolic events (The widely known concept of "trigger points" and their referred pain patterns are one of these histological abnormalities), and 

  • biomechanical imbalance within the musculoskeletal system 

Integrative Dry Needling takes all of these processes into account, treating the body as a system rather than a sum of parts.


  1. Initial Session $90 

    • Please allow 60-90 minutes for the first session. The first session always takes longer as we take the time to talk about each clients relevant history and gather quite a bit of information, including some paperwork and the initial postural and movement assessments. We can get through the evaluation in 60 minutes, but the extra time allows us not to rush and to leave time for education and treatment (what you are coming for). After this appointment, we will discuss a plan for care. Please wear athletic clothing that allows for movement. 

  2. 60min Follow-up Session $90 

    • Movement, manual therapy, dry needling 

  3. 30min Follow-up Session $60

    • Movement, manual therapy, dry needling 


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