Do you want to get into better shape? You know, tighten up the core a little bit.  Are you into movement based fitness or curious in exploring all the benefits it has to offer?  Are you tired of not getting results or getting injured?  Are you looking for a fitness class that is fun, safe and promotes health and longevity, taught by our top-ranked class coaches? Or maybe you just heard how awesome our new gym is.  Or perhaps you've seen some of the skills displayed by our coaches and members.

Whatever the case, we’re so excited you’ve decided to give us a try. We love having like-minded folks like you join our community.

At CoMotion Fitness, we specialize in focusing on our members’ short-term and lifelong goals.  We want you to go further and attach your training to a goal that you can blow past so we can celebrate together! We put a huge focus on mobility, nutrition, and mindfulness, because those are the things you can continue to work on - not only with us, but outside of the gym as well. We don’t just want to hand you a list of foods to eat, we want to teach you what foods are important and how they fuel our bodies. We want you to look at ground movements and flow with zeal. We want you to lift with confidence and move your body with ease.  We want you to understand how your body works, and how to improve it. 

How does that sound? Still interested in giving us a try?

For Your First Session..

- We will go over your goals and motivators 

- Show you our facility and introduce you to our coaches

- Give an overview of our training methodology

- Try out out class 

- Determine how we can help you get to the next level